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At Trudeau Corporation we are proud to be recognized as a leader in the design and development of kitchenware and houseware products. Since 1889, four successive generations have managed Trudeau Corporation, instilling the values of family and tradition into our corporate culture. We owe our success to the efforts of an experienced and dedicated team, to the creative input of talented design partners and to the expertise of our carefully chosen manufacturers.

Bringing innovation and the perfect combination of simplicity and sophistication to the preparation and presentation of food and drink is a driving force for product development here at Trudeau Corporation. We pride ourselves on offering products of exceptional quality, recognizable by their distinctive Trudeau design.

Our head office, which includes our main showroom and warehouse, is located in Boucherville, Quebec, near Montreal. We also have an office, showroom, and warehouse in Woodridge, Illinois, near Chicago, and satellite offices in Spain, England, the Netherlands and China.

These facilities along with our unparalleled customer service allow us to cater to the needs of our valuable retailers and customers, in over 70 countries. We offer turnkey solutions and a variety of effective merchandising tools to maximize in-store sales for our retail partners.

Drawing on a rich tradition and solid experience in the kitchen and houseware field, we look forward to inspiring foodies with authentic and tasteful products for years to come.

Anne-Marie Trudeau

Dear customers,

For more than 125 years, Trudeau has been an innovator. But the definition of innovation evolved throughout the years. Although quality craftsmanship and great design are as important as ever, there’s a growing need to innovate in the services we deliver and the way we do things. As retail commerce continues to evolve, we’re adapting—for the better.

Behind every Trudeau product, there’s a dynamic team working tirelessly to uphold the highest level of service and deliver quality products at competitive prices to meet all needs as they arise, in step with the latest culinary trends.

I invite you to explore our Website that presents inspiring pictures and content to entice the foodie in you. You will find it very functional, practical and easy to navigate. The world of Trudeau is right at your fingertips!

Warm regards,

Anne-Marie Trudeau

Our history

Want to know how it all began? Retrace our history and figure out the key ingredients in our recipe to success!


Trudeau - 1889

Trudeau’s roots can be traced to The General Bazaar Company, an importer of housewares and giftware, founded in Montreal by two French merchants: Baron Louis de la Polinière and Count Jean de Plan de Sieyès, who hire Mr. Joseph-Raoul Genin as manager and Mr. Joseph-Arthur Trudeau as accountant.


Joseph-Arthur Trudeau is ambitious, and he wants the company to be successful, which is why he decided to study commerce at the Catholic Commercial Academy during the school year 1891-1892.


Trudeau - 1892

Joseph-Raoul Genin's and Joseph-Arthur Trudeau become proprietors and carry on the business under the name Genin, Trudeau & Cie Limitée. Upon Mr. Genin's death in 1919, Mr. Trudeau becomes the president.

Trudeau - 1919


Beginning a tradition that will span many decades and drive countless innovations, J.-Arthur Trudeau invests his heart and soul in the business. While the initial focus is on the distribution of imported articles such as smokers’ accessories and religious articles, Trudeau soon starts diversifying. He begins by manufacturing his own pipes out of briar imported from Saint-Claude, France, and by stamping religious medals in his own small basement workshop. By then, Genin, Trudeau occupies a lovely building near the Notre-Dame Basilica in Montreal.


Trudeau - 1929

Two of J.-Arthur Trudeau’s sons, Charles-Auguste and Paul C., join their father in the family business. Charles-Auguste will serve more than 30 years as a sales representative at Genin, Trudeau, in Ontario.


Trudeau - 1945

Paul C., a Lieutenant-colonel with the Mont-Royal Fusiliers Regiment, becomes the company’s president upon receiving his discharge from the Canadian Army. He will remain in this position until his death in 1961.

This second generation of Trudeaus focuses on the development of an extensive distribution network, emphasizing brand name small electrical accessories. They also import a range of decorative crystal giftware from France and Czechoslovakia.


Robert L. Trudeau, one of Paul C.'s sons, joins the Company as representative of the Third Generation of Trudeaus. To adapt to the challenges of a changing marketplace, Robert L. adapts the business practices developed by his father and by his grandfather, thus turning Genin, Trudeau into a modern dynamic company.

While Genin, Trudeau remains dedicated to selling its established range of products, Robert L. encourages the company’s innovative side, which constitutes part of its founding principles.

The result of Robert L.’s efforts lead to a successful range of tableware called “Céramiques de Beauce”.


Always aware of new trends Robert L. turns to Europe and to Asia to find new and exciting products. Genin, Trudeau begins to add new exclusive ranges, particularly in housewares and practical giftware, as well as collectible porcelain figurines.

These initiatives, combined with the constant growth of the business, begin to fill the building in Old Montreal.


Genin, Trudeau decides to prepare for the future by building a modern distribution center in Boucherville, a few miles outside Montreal on the Trans-Canada Highway. These premises still house the company's head office.
They include offices, a distribution centre, showrooms, and graphic design and industrial design studios.


Genin, Trudeau begins exporting its products across the world and experiences significant growth in many countries especially through its range of children's tableware.


Trudeau - 1992

Genin, Trudeau opens a distribution center in the U.S.A with a dedicated local sales force.


Trudeau - 1992

To reinforce its leadership position and to demonstrate its 100 year-old heritage, Genin, Trudeau simplifies its brand portfolio and launches at the same time the "Trudeau" and "Home Presence" brands. The company creates two organizations: “Home Presence” and “Trudeau Corporation 1889 Inc.” to improve its focus on kitchen products.


Trudeau - 2001

The Canadian Trudeau distribution center in Boucherville doubles in size.


Trudeau - 2003

The American distribution center located in Woodridge (near Chicago) doubles in size.
A new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is created.


Trudeau - 2006

Growth continues with a second U.S. distribution centre expansion in three years: Woodridge increases its capacity by over 60%, adding 45,000 sqf. of space to the existing building for a total of 116,000 sqf.

Trudeau also expands its office and its showroom in Boucherville.


Trudeau - 2009

Trudeau celebrates its 120th anniversary, filled with achievements and innovation.

Robert Trudeau is nominated first Canadian Chairman of the International Housewares Association (IHA), based in the USA.


Trudeau - 2012

Trudeau is named Supplier of the Year 2012 by the Canadian Gift and Tableware Association.


Trudeau - 2014

Trudeau celebrates its 125th anniversary and launches an innovative and colourful baking collection, which offers more than 40 stylish baking tools, including silicone pans with a newly patented manufacturing process.


Trudeau - 2015

Trudeau launches Trudeau Maison, a new collection that offers quality at an affordable price and a design that foodies and home cooks will love.

Trudeau also launches its new website, designed to offer a fun and exciting discovery of the company’s culture and products.

We wish you an exquisite experience discovering our products.

Ready to make delicious achievements with our Trudeau tools?


Anne-Marie Trudeau

Anne-Marie Trudeau is appointed as President of Trudeau Corporation.