The secret of a perfect raclette party

The secret of a perfect raclette party

November 30, 2015

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It’s always comforting to sit around a raclette, be it for brunch, appetizer or dinner. As soon as the smell of grilling comes tickling the nostrils, a warm atmosphere settles down. Once the raclette is turned on, your evening can start. Just choose the right background music and that’s it!

The greatest thing is that being a raclette party’s host is incredibly simple. All you need to do is make a few purchases: meat to slice into strips and marinate, various vegetables (peppers, mushrooms, broccoli, etc), and yummy raclette cheeses. You can find many options in the cheese aisle of your local grocery store, so take this opportunity to explore and taste!

Once the ingredients are ready, place the meat, seafood and cheese on serving plates and the vegetables in bowls. That way, guests will easily be able to serve themselves and to “cook” to their taste.

When it’s time to get the table ready, make sure that the raclette (usually placed at the center of the table) is accessible to everyone and that the electric cord doesn’t bother anyone. Once your table is ready, identify the meats and cheeses with nice labels. This attention will delight your guests, as well as add personality to your table.

Did you know that there are several types of raclette to taste? Here are a few suggestions to liven your meals and give a whole new atmosphere to your evenings with friends! Try a seafood raclette by grilling scallops and shrimps or lobster tails. Will there be children? Why not try mini-pizzas? Encourage them to cook the ingredients (mushrooms, peppers, ham) themselves for even more fun. Try mini-tacos by grilling strips of meat, peppers, onions and melted cheese and taste a ray of sunshine!

Buckle up for the day with the true winners’ breakfast by grilling two strips of bacon, vegetables, potatoes and two eggs!

A warm and friendly meal like this is a nice occasion to decompress and spend time together. These moments spent talking, sharing and laughing are the stuff of the best memories.

Cassandra Carrière

Over the last ten years, Cassandra Carrière has completed extensive training in baking, service and sommellerie at Quebec’s Institute of Tourism and Hospitality, as well as hands on experience in the culinary world. Since 2013, she’s been sharing her passion on her personal blog La Boufferie (only in French) and several other foodie outlets. There’s no doubt about it, she lives to eat!