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Tomato Huller

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Product code: 09912142
Color: Green
Material: Silicone, Stainless steel


  • <BR>Insert from base of tomato and press upwards<BR>

    Insert from base of tomato and press upwards
  • <BR>Comes apart for easy cleaning<BR>

    Comes apart for easy cleaning
  • <BR>Improve the taste of your tomatoes by removing the bitter core<BR>

    Improve the taste of your tomatoes by removing the bitter core

Product Description

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Keeping delicate tomatoes intact while efficiently removing cores and stems can be a time-consuming challenge that often ends in a mushy mess… Master the task in one slick step with our handy Tomato Huller!

The stainless steel tube easily separates the fibrous core and top stem, then just press the silicone bulb to effortlessly eject them. After tomato time, tidy up in no time thanks to smart take-apart construction. Fresh tomatoes stay at their tasty and beautiful best for canning sauces, salads and much more. Pass the bruschetta, please!


    Color/finish: Sweet Pea Green
    Packaging: Trapped blister / CDU of 6
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