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Product code: 0532990
Color: Red, Clear
Material: Plastic
Dimension/capacity: 19 oz


  • <BR>Fits one can of maple syrup<BR>

    Fits one can of maple syrup
  • <BR>Sliding lever<BR>

    Sliding lever
  • <BR>Microwavable - you can enjoy your pancakes or waffles with warm syrup<BR>

    Microwavable - you can enjoy your pancakes or waffles with warm syrup

Product Description

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Marvelous maple syrup deserves to showcase its rich, complex and magical sweetness on more than just pancakes or waffles. Ever tried maple glazed baked salmon? Pink grapefruit salad with maple dressing? How about maple-candied bacon?

Our Maple Syrup dispenser is so practical and pretty it easily inspires new innovations in the kitchen! It holds a full 18 ounce can of maple syrup, and with no metal parts you can pop it in the microwave to add a little heat to your sweet treat. The slide-back lever means no-mess dispensing, and it disassembles easily for quick clean up.

So go ahead, get your maple on and discover new ways to make life sweeter!


    Color/finish: Candy Red
    Dimension/capacity: 19 oz
    Packaging: Belly band