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Seafood Shears

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Product code: 05115084
Color: Blue, Stainless steel
Material: Aluminum
Dimension/capacity: 7 1/2"

Product Description

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Trudeau Seafood Shears are a sleek and elegant tool that will let you cut through seafood shells like butter. Curved blades are designed to cut shells without damaging the tender meat within. The shears also feature a built-in cracking area for small legs and can easily be used to peel and devein shrimp. Simply cut towards you from the top opening to split tough seafood shells.Comfortable soft-touch handles and anti-slip grip ensure no slipping even when hands are wet and detachable blades make cleaning quick and effortless. For no-mess seafood dinners and secure handling, you can't go wrong with this indispensable addition to your kitchen drawer.


    Color/finish: S/S & Tropical Blue
    Dimension/capacity: 7 1/2"
    Packaging: Carded