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Product code: 80119001
Color: Grey
Material: Aluminum, Stainless steel
Dimension/capacity: 8"


  • <BR>Chemical-free coating<BR>PFOA and PTFE free<BR>

    Chemical-free coating
    PFOA and PTFE free
  • <BR>High-performance non-stick ceramic coating<BR>

    High-performance non-stick ceramic coating
  • <BR>Full induction stainless steel base<BR>Heats up faster<BR>

    Full induction stainless steel base
    Heats up faster

Product Description

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The Trudeau Pure 8-Inch Frying Pan features a high-performance non-stick ceramic coating that is chemical-free (PFOA and PTFE). The triple non-stick layer is lead and cadmium-free and perfect for healthy cooking as it requires minimal amounts of oil. This 8" frying pan heats up quick and prevents warping and buckling with its thick forged induction base.

This smart, safe and durable pan also comes with a stay-cool riveted stainless steel handle for superior strength and worry-free manipulation. Trudeau Resistech™ technology ensures maximum fusion of the non-stick surface coating to the aluminum. It's smart, safe for food and features long-lasting durability.


    Color/finish: Grey
    Dimension/capacity: 8"
    Packaging: Sleeve & hang tag