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Product code: 0971531
Color: Blue, Clear
Material: Polypropylene
Dimension/capacity: 4 cavities


  • <BR>Funnel openings for easy filling

    Funnel openings for easy filling
  • <BR>Flexible bottom for easy unmoulding

    Flexible bottom for easy unmoulding
  • <BR>Spherical ice melts slower and will not dilute as quickly

    Spherical ice melts slower and will not dilute as quickly

Product Description

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Get the ball rolling with this clever bar accessory: this ice sphere mold creates 4 perfect spheres with 2 in. diameters that will add a touch of glamour to your favourite drinks. Just pick your favourite topping (citrus zest, berries, herbs) and add water through the funnel-shaped lid designed for easy filling. Release your icy creations in a snap by simply pushing the flexible bottom. Once placed in the drink of your choice, they will keep it colder thanks to their large spherical shape. Perfect for jazzy on-the-rocks cocktails!

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    Color/finish: Translucent & Blueberry
    Dimension/capacity: 4 cavities
    Packaging: Gift box