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Product code: 80119062
Color: Black
Material: Aluminum, Stainless steel
Dimension/capacity: 12"


  • <BR>Resistech&trade; technology, twice as hard as stainless steel<BR>

    Resistech™ technology, twice as hard as stainless steel
  • <BR>Hard-wearing 3-ply non-stick coating<BR>

    Hard-wearing 3-ply non-stick coating
  • <BR>Stay-cool riveted stainless steel handle<BR>

    Stay-cool riveted stainless steel handle

Product Description

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The Trudeau Heroic 12-Inch Frying Pan features an induction base, hard wearing 3-ply non-stick coating and Resistech™ technology that ensures maximum fusion of the surface to the hard-anodized aluminum for a high level of durability. This heavy-duty pan is twice as hard as stainless and will not buckle or warp for years to come to ensure maximum longevity.

The stay-cool handle is riveted to the cookware for superior strength and performance and minimizes heat transfer to stay cool longer. The hard-wearing interior and exterior feature a strong triple layer non-stick coating to provide simple and hassle-free cooking, long-lasting food release and effortless clean-up after your meal.


    Color/finish: Black & S/S
    Dimension/capacity: 12"
    Packaging: Sleeve & hang tag