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Gravy Separator

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Product code: 0991105
Color: Blue, Clear
Material: Plastic
Dimension/capacity: 34 oz
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  • <BR>Integrated strainer<BR>

    Integrated strainer

Product Description

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Golden gravy is the crowning glory on regal roasted meat or poultry. Our Fat Separator lets you conveniently capture all the flavour while filtering out the fat. The separator's oversized integrated strainer makes transfer easy while keeping out lumpy bits, and the 4-cup measuring container is heat resistant up to 400°F. It's both microwave and dishwasher safe, meaning it easily transitions from dinnertime to dish-time. Can't choose between the metric or imperial system? No need to worry, the separator's got both!


    Color/finish: Indigo & Clear
    Dimension/capacity: 34 oz
    Packaging: Sleeve
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