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Product code: 0971504
Color: Grey
Material: Plastic
Dimension/capacity: 2 1/4"


  • <BR>Insert and flip lever to seal<BR>

    Insert and flip lever to seal
  • <BR>Preserves your wine<BR>

    Preserves your wine
  • <BR>Bottle can be stored horizontally<BR>

    Bottle can be stored horizontally

Product Description

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Our Expandable Stopper adapts to any bottle neck, which makes it an essential tool for wine lovers. Easy to use, you simply have to turn the top until you hear a "click" to seal your bottle. Turn it again to release the stopper and serve yourself a delicious glass of wine. Proudly developed by Trudeau, it has an original design and pure, refined lines.


    Color/finish: Silver & Black chrome
    Dimension/capacity: 2 1/4"
    Packaging: Gift box / CDU of 8