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7-piece Reusable Decorating Set

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Product code: 05117611
Color: Pink
Material: Metal, Nylon, Silicone
Dimension/capacity: 12"

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  • <BR>QUICK system makes changing tips easier and faster<BR>

    QUICK system makes changing tips easier and faster
  • <BR>#103 Petal<BR>#16 Small star<BR>#67 Leaf<BR>#8 Medium round<BR>

    #103 Petal
    #16 Small star
    #67 Leaf
    #8 Medium round
  • <BR>Easy to fill<BR>

    Easy to fill

Product Description

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Trudeau's 7-piece set includes a 12" reusable silicone decoration bag that is easy to fill, four assorted metal tips (# 103 Petal, #16 Small star, #67 Leaf and #8 Medium round) and two coupler sizes that adapt most metal tips. The couplers feature the QUICK system that allows you to change the tips easily and quickly saving you time and energy. They are compatible with most standard metal tips allowing you to use the tips you already have at home. The kit is BPA free, odour resistant and dishwasher safe.


    Color/finish: Translucent & Fuchsia
    Dimension/capacity: 12"
    Packaging: Gift box