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5 Bottle Spice Rack

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Product code: 07121056
Color: Black, Natural
Material: Bamboo, Glass, Plastic
Dimension/capacity: 2,9 oz & 6,8 oz


  • <BR>Dual-use shaker insert: one for sprinkling and one for scooping

    Dual-use shaker insert: one for sprinkling and one for scooping
  • <BR>Bamboo base with glass jars

    Bamboo base with glass jars

Product Description

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Trudeau's Spice Rack is extremely stylish to adorn your countertop with its modern and natural bamboo base, glass jars and black twist off caps. The spice rack is compact, with its 5 stackable bottles, making it a great space saving option to store in your cupboard as well. Whether your recipe calls for a sprinkle of dried parsley or a nice scoop of basil, the dual shaker insert, included in every bottle, accommodates just that. With 5 bottles included in the set, the 4 small bottles hold up to 2,9 oz / 85 ml each. Be sure to use the larger one for your preferred seasonings as it can hold more than double the amount at 6,8 oz / 200 ml. Go ahead and spice things up!


    Color/finish: Glass, Black & Natural
    Dimension/capacity: 2,9 oz & 6,8 oz
    Packaging: Color box