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Product code: 0718051
Colour: Clear, Stainless steel
Material: Glass
Dimension/capacity: 12 oz
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  • <BR>Step 1: Fill the bottle with oil<BR>

    Step 1: Fill the bottle with oil
  • <BR>Step 2: Add desired spices to the infuser<BR>

    Step 2: Add desired spices to the infuser
  • <BR>Step 3: Insert infuser in the oil bottle<BR>

    Step 3: Insert infuser in the oil bottle

Product Description

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Thanks to our ingenious Perfect Infuser Oil Bottle, your favourite oil's personality is about to gain a whole new dimension! The virtues of dressed-down oil are many; but for those times when your recipe seems to ask for a little something extra, here's a creative way to spice things up. Infused oil lends an extra layer of flavour to pastas, salads, pizzas and more. Easily create your own infused inspirations by adding dry herbs or spices of your choice to the perforated chamber. Then taste the magical treat that emerges as the oil passes slowly through the infuser, picking up flavours and aromas along the way!

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    Color/finish: Glass w/S/S lid
    Dimension/capacity: 12 oz
    Packaging: Gift box