Where can I find your products?

So you’re ready to get cooking with us? Great! Our products are carried by a wide selection of retail outlets in convenient locations across North America. To determine if an item is stocked by a retailer near you, simply visit a product page on our Website, enter your postal code, zip code or city and click on “Find this product” to see a list of retailers that carry it. Insider’s tip: It’s always a good idea to call the retailer first to confirm that the item is in stock before visiting the store.

Do all your items come with a lifetime warranty?

We believe you deserve products that show as much dedication to food preparation and serving as you do. We invite you to visit our warranties section to discover the details on our product warranties.

What do I do if a product still under warranty is defective?

Every once in a while, a product might not work quite the way we promised it would. Sorry about that! If your item is still under warranty, simply contact our Customer Service team or fill out our product return form, by including a brief statement about why the product is defective, where and when it was purchased as well as a picture (.jpg format) of the defective product. We will be more than happy to provide you with service.

Where do I return a defective product?

Please complete the product return form, or contact customer service team if you have a product with a material or manufacturing defect. We will get back to you within a few days. In the case that an exchange is warranted and the product is discontinued, we will replace it by a product of equivalent value.

Do you offer postage paid labels for the return of defective products?

We’ll ask you to meet us halfway on this one! We’ll gladly replace your defective item, but we ask that the sender (that’s you!) cover the postage. Thanks!

Can I buy from Trudeau directly?

We don’t sell directly to consumers, but there are lots of great retailers out there who do! To discover which retailers near you carry the Trudeau products, please call our customer service team or write us.


What are the benefits of purchasing a 3-in-1 fondue set?

For starters, they’re three times the fun! Our 3-in-1 fondue sets include a ceramic insert that can be used as a double boiler to make cheese or chocolate fondue, which tend to burn more easily over direct heat. With just one fondue set you can dive into meat, cheese and chocolate fondues. It’s great value!

How do I use my double boiler insert?

Want to add a whole new world of flavours to your fondue experience? Using your double boiler is easy as 1-2-3-4! Just follow these simple steps.
• Fill ¼ of the stainless steel fondue pot with boiling water and place on a heating source.
• Prep your yummy cheese or chocolate fondue either in a separate saucepan or following the instructions on a ready-mix package.
• When it’s ready, pour your preparation into the boiler insert, then place it inside the stainless steel fondue pot.
• Make sure you set the temperature control knob to ensure that water continues to simmer... and start dipping and enjoying!
• A word of caution: don't let the water completely evaporate.

Can I make cheese or chocolate fondue in a stainless steel fondue pot?

It’s not recommended as cheese and chocolate tend to burn more easily and stick to the stainless steel, making cleanup a challenge! Use ceramic instead, for creamy and fuss-free cheese and chocolate fondues.

Can I make cheese fondue using a tea light as the heat source?

As romantic and charming candlelight can be, tea lights generally don’t provide enough heat to melt cheese and keep it at the proper consistency for dipping. To ensure everything flows smoothly on fondue night, we recommend using a convenient fuel burner.
CHEF TIP: You can always enjoy cheese fondue with a tealight and a smaller fondue bowl. A chocolate fondue set makes for great individual cheese fondues.

What’s the heat diffuser in my cheese fondue set for?

We’re glad you asked! The heat diffuser is an optimal function of your ceramic cheese fondue set: it spreads the flame on the bottom of your pot, which ensures heat is well-distributed, and so the cheese stays hot and creamy, and your pot is spared from heat damage!

Why is gel fondue fuel recommended over liquid?

We’re all about safety and ease of use. Gel fondue fuel is coloured blue, making it easier to detect spills than with a clear liquid. The gel consistency also makes it easier to control how much fuel is poured into the burner. So fill it up and focus on having fun!

When is it safe to refill my burner?

You can safely refill your burner when it’s completely empty and cooled down.
CHEF TIP: Having a second burner handy allows you to alternate between both, so you can enjoy the rest of your fondue dinner!

What is the function of the fork guide?

The fork guide, a.k.a. splash guard, is meant to protect you from unwanted splashes when your broth (or oil) starts to boil. Even though your fondue set can function without it, we highly recommend that you use it to avoid getting burned. Play it safe!

What makes die cast aluminum a better grilling surface?

Die cast aluminum is an amazing heat-retainer, and spreads the heat evenly for superior results. Get grilling!

Why is my electric base turning on and off by itself?

Your electric base is a smart cookie! It comes equipped with a thermostat that keeps it from overheating. So when you start your base, it will heat until it reaches its highest temperature and then switches off automatically. Conversely, when the temperature cools down, the base will switch back on. For a quicker meal, preheat your broth or oil on the stovetop and then transfer it to your fondue set.

How else can I use my raclette set?

Your raclette set is more versatile than you think! Here are some ideas to get you started on the fun:
• Get your kids involved! Let them make their own pancakes on the top grill, then add some chocolate chips and let them melt in the lower element.
• It’s a cheese party! Serve different types of cheese with slices of bread and use your raclette as a DIY grilled cheese bar.
• Coat different fruits (apples, pears, peaches, grapes, etc) with honey and cinnamon on a skewer and serve grilled fruits for dessert.
• Revolutionize your omelette recipe! Cook eggs and spinach, mushrooms or peppers on the top, and melt cheese (gruyère, cheddar or provolone) under the lower element for a personalized omelet.
• Did someone say pizza? Just sauté your toppings - prosciutto, bacon, mushrooms, onions - on the top grill and melt smoked provolone or mozzarella in the lower element. Garnish a fresh pita bread and enjoy!

For more fun recipes and wine pairings, see our instruction guide!


What is crystalline?

Crystalline is a glass composition that possesses the same properties of clarity and brilliance as lead crystal, but is lead-free.
CHEF TIP: Delight and dazzle guests by presenting your finest wines in a crystalline glass with a much higher brilliance and clarity than regular glass.

What is borosilicate glass?

This is a glass composition that was developed to improve upon the strength and safety of regular glass. Borosilicate glass is resistant to heat and breakage, and is more likely to crack or snap than to shatter. Minimize the mess!

What is tempered glass?

Tempering is a toughening process that provides resistance to breakage, mechanical and to thermal shock of about 120°. In fact, tempered glass is 2.5 times more resistant than regular glass!

In breakage situations, tempered glass is safer than regular glass as it tends to break into many small pieces, minimizing the risk of getting cut. And as if that weren’t enough, it’s dishwasher, refrigerator and microwave safe, too!

What is tempered borosilicate glass?

Tempered borosilicate glass is a type of glass that has been adapted to be more resistant to heat and temperature changes (thermal shock), as well as breakage. Bottom line: it’s the safest glass for your kitchen. So get cooking and enjoy tastier lasagnas from the freezer to the oven!

What is pulled stem technology?

This refers to stemware crafted from a single piece of glass. The special pulling process guarantees the absence of microfractures – which means a more durable and resistant product, with elegant, slender shapes.


Can I use a ceramic grinder to grind herbs and spices?

A grinder is best used for grinding spices such as rosemary, crushed bay leaves and caraway. Using it to grind herbs such as parsley, basil or mint could eventually clog the grinder with residual moisture, so it’s not really recommended.
CHEF TIP: Before grinding spices, mix in a few crystals of sea salt. This helps weigh down the spices for easier grinding, as well as helps avoid moisture build-up and clumping.

Can I grind flax seeds with a ceramic grinder?

To keep your grinder happy, it’s better to play it safe. Since flax seeds have a high oil content and may clog the grinder, it is not recommended to use a ceramic grinder.

Is my grinder adjustable?

Certainly! First, clean the grinder by turning the grinder top a quarter-turn counter clockwise. To adjust the coarseness of the grind, turn the knob clockwise to tighten (for a finer grind) and counterclockwise to loosen (for a coarser grind).
CHEF TIP: Use a finer setting when grinding spices for use in soups and sauces or with white meats and fish, and a coarser setting for spices for marinades and hearty meals.

What kind of batteries does my battery-powered grinder use?

Your grinder’s battery type is indicated on its battery pack or on the original packaging. Some of our models take AA batteries, and others take AAA batteries. We always recommend using new, alkaline batteries. If you have not used your grinder for a period of 1 year, we suggest changing the batteries. Be sure to respect the polarity when inserting the batteries (look for the “+” and “-” symbols.)

What is the warranty on Trudeau pepper mills?

We believe you deserve products that show as much dedication to food preparation and serving as you do. We invite you to visit our warranties section to discover the details on our product warranties.

How do I clean my pepper mill?

Taking good care of your pepper mill will ensure long-lasting performance. Here are a few things to keep in mind:
• We don’t recommend disassembling your pepper mill for cleaning.
• Always store your mill in a dry place.
• To clean the interior, add a few crystals of sea salt, grind and then refill with peppercorns.
• Use a soft, damp cloth to clean the exterior.
• Also, it’s best not to immerse the mill in water or place it into the dishwasher.

How can I unclog my mill?

If you grinder is clogged, turn it upside down, turn the knob clockwise to loosen it, and rotate the grinder head a few times to dislodge the stuck spice. You’ll be grinding smoothly again in a flash!

Why use a pepper mill?

Excellent question! Did you know freshly ground pepper has much more flavour than pre-ground? What’s more, whole peppercorns also have a longer shelf life: up to 3 years, compared to just 3 months for ground pepper. Proof that fresh is best!

Why do pepper mills come in different heights?

From small to tall, there’s a place for them all! While the function of all pepper mills is the same, different heights offer different conveniences. A 6”-8” mill is the ideal height for the dinner table. For situations that involve high heat such as barbecuing or stovetop, a 10”-12” mill keeps hands a safe distance away from the heat source. A 16” model makes an impressive flourish when serving your guests!


What determines the heat retention capacity of my travel mug or carafe?

The secret lies in the materials and the construction! There are actually 3 different types of insulation: double wall vacuum (best insulation), double wall stainless steel, and double wall stainless steel/plastic. Another factor that contributes to heat retention capacity is the quantity of liquid in the container: the fuller the cup, the hotter it stays, so top it up and hold in the heat!

What does “leak resistant” mean?

“Leak resistant” means that a container should not leak under most normal conditions; however, if the container is tipped on its side, shaken, dropped, inverted, or if the lid is not fastened securely, some leakage may occur. “Leak resistant” should not be confused with “leak proof”.
CHEF TIP: Make sure to properly fasten your lid so you don’t get any surprises when sipping on your morning coffee at work!

Are your travel mugs and carafes leak resistant?

We know you need reliability on the go, so, most Trudeau thermal and hydration products feature leak resistant lids.

What is the difference between a tumbler and a travel mug?

Good question! The main difference between a travel mug and a tumbler is that a travel mug has a handle (just like a coffee mug), while a tumbler does not.


What is the FUEL collection?

The Trudeau FUEL collection is an award-winning range of practical, stylish and durable products that together offers a complete solution for meals-on-the-go. It features a variety of smartly designed and environmentally friendly lunch and snack containers, bottles, bags, and accessories, all working together to help keep fresh and delicious lunches!

What is the FUEL design philosophy?

The award-winning design of our FUEL collection is based on a three-pronged philosophy:
1) Ecodesign approach: All FUEL products are reusable, replacing traditional disposable storage and transport options such as plastic storage baggies and lunch bags. They are designed to minimize environmental impact throughout each product’s life cycle.
2) Healthy Lunch Solution: This means FUEL products were designed to encourage healthy eating habits! Our products make it easy to eat healthy and fresh no matter where you are. Just pack it and go!
3) Budget-friendly: FUEL means no more smashed sandwiches or soggy salads! By safely storing and transporting your lunch items using the FUEL collection, you’ll enjoy fresher food, less mess and less waste. And with the money you’ll save by reusing the same storage items, you’ll have more to invest in those gourmet lunch creations!

Where are FUEL products designed?

The FUEL collection is proudly designed in Canada. We try not to brag, but it won the 2014 Grand Prix du Design in the “Sustainable Development” category, and has also been featured in the International Housewares Show’s “Going Green” showcase in 2013 and 2014.

I don’t have access to a refrigerator for storage. How can I keep my lunch from spoiling?

Have you tried an insulated lunch bag? They’re custom designed to maintain the temperature of their contents. Our salad container and snack pod container also feature a practical, removable freezer pack insert to help everything keep its cool!

I don’t have access to a microwave. Do you offer any products that can help keep my lunch hot?

You’ll warm up to this solution: try our double-walled vacuum-insulated stainless steel container. It will keep 12 ounces of your favourite food hot for up to 6 hours.
Tip: It’s great for cold liquids, too!

Are FUEL products recyclable?

Yes! In keeping with the FUEL eco design philosophy, we've designed all components to be fully recyclable.

Do any of the FUEL products contain BPA?

No, all FUEL products are 100% BPA-free.


What are the benefits of aerating my wine?

For the flavour! Letting your wine “breathe”, particularly young wine, enhances its flavour and aroma...so it tastes even better! Take happy hour up a notch with our Wine Aerator, which injects air directly as you pour, and serve a delightful glass right from the bottle.

Why is the Trudeau wine aerator better than a traditional decanter?

Because it injects air as you pour, using the Wine Aerator is equivalent to decanting for 30 minutes in a traditional decanter! More flavours, faster.

What makes the Turbo corkscrew twice as fast as the competition?

Smart design means that only 3 revolutions of the Turbo Corkscrew make it go into the cork 2x faster. So simple, so convenient.

How should I wash my slate cheese board?

Your slate cheese board is a unique piece of natural stone material, so it’s normal for it to be porous or to have an uneven surface. Show it proper loving care by washing it thoroughly before first use and then regularly after every use.
Here are some easy instructions:
1) Apply dishwashing soap directly on the board and lather it up, making sure to remove all the cheese residue and stains, then soak in soapy water for 30 to 60 minutes.
2) Rinse thoroughly and pat dry with a cloth. Done!


Why should I choose Trudeau’s Structure moulds?

Our Structure moulds are the bee’s knees when it comes to baking that perfect cake. Made from high-quality silicone, they cook evenly and their malleability and non-stick properties mean you won’t have to struggle to get your cake, brownies or muffins out! A reinforced steel structure ensures everything keeps its shape. Plus, they are BPA-free, dishwasher, microwave and freezer-safe. It’s a no-brainer.

How do the cut-resistant gloves work and when should I use them?

Our cut-resistant gloves are made with a smart blend of stainless steel strands with the highest cut resistance level (5) according to International standards (EN388). They are crafted with synthetic fibers which make them resilient and easy to clean, and a touch of spandex for a comfortable, easy fit. This winning combination of top-quality materials gives them many uses around the kitchen, so whether you’re chopping BBQ chicken or slicing carrots on your mandoline, deboning steak or grating parmesan cheese, your hands will be safe!

Why use a special knife for lettuce?

The greatest thing about a salad is when the leaves are fresh and crisp. However, cutting lettuce with a regular metal blade will actually accelerate the process of oxidation, making your lettuce bruise and brown. By switching to a plastic blade, such as our Lettuce Knife, you preserve that crispness longer and get delicious fresh salad in a jiff!

What are the benefits of the salad saver bag and how should I use it?

Did you know that when fresh greens rot, they emit ethylene gas, and when they remain exposed to this gas the rotting process accelerates? The super-absorbent, high-density microfiber material of our Salad Saver Bag draws moisture away from lettuce, herbs, and other vegetables, while reducing exposure to circulating air. The gas can escape, and freshly washed produce dries quicker and stays crisp longer. Having clean, ready to-use lettuce on hand makes it easy to stay healthy!

What are the advantages of silicone lids?

The list is long! Start by saying goodbye to plastic wrap and foil. Next time you want to save a snack for later, simply pop on a reusable lid and into the fridge. Our smart silicone lids create an air-tight seal on any smooth rimmed bowl or pot. Resistant to high heat, they can be used over a pot of simmering spaghetti sauce, to keep heat in and splatters off your cooktop. No aluminum foil? No problem! Our silicone lids can cover a dish for use in the oven. They are non-stick for easy cleaning, stain and odour resistant, and of course are dishwasher safe. What’s more, the lids nest together for easy storage!

I love my Toss N’ Chop, can it be used for anything other than chopping salads?

Our customers are finding new and creative uses for it all around the kitchen! We heard that it’s great for preparing salsa, blending pizza, bread or cookie dough and chopping meat and veggies. Rumour has it the Toss N’ Chop is quickly becoming famous for shortcutting egg or chicken salad prep! What creative ideas will you come up with?

What is the purpose of the Garlic Duo? When should I use sliced garlic instead of pressed?

Mincing (pressing) is great for infusing an entire dish with garlicky goodness, without overwhelming the other flavours. Sometimes however, we want a hit of the real stuff! That's when you should opt for slicing: sliced garlic will still leave you with a garlic-infused dish, with the occasional crunchy bite. Its flavour mellows significant during cooking, getting closer to roasted garlic. A real treat for garlic enthusiasts!

Are there advantages to poaching eggs and why should I use an egg poacher?

Poached eggs are a healthier alternative to fried eggs because you don’t need to use any butter or oil. Say goodbye to wandering whites with our Egg Poachers! Poaching eggs used to be a tricky endeavour that needed the right mix of temperature and technique, but thanks to our Egg Poachers, being healthy is a breeze! Our dual poacher can even be used in the microwave! Both versions are non-stick dishwasher safe, so cleanup is quick and easy. Enjoy your egg-cellent brunch!

What makes a great gravy separator?

The main mission of a gravy separator is to capture all the flavour while filtering out the fat. But what if it could do more? Our 4-cup Gravy separator has been rated the best by Cooks Illustrated for many years. What makes it unique is that it automatically pours from the bottom, leaving its efficient oversized strainer catching all the unwanted bits and pieces. It also has a large handle, imperial and metric gradations, and is microwave and dishwasher safe. Banish lumpy gravy for good!