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Product code: 0979005
Colour: Grey
Material: Plastic
Dimension/capacity: 34 oz
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  • <BR>Auto-closure system to keep the wine cooler longer<BR>

    Auto-closure system to keep the wine cooler longer
  • <BR>2 freeze packs included<BR>

    2 freeze packs included

Product Description

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Cool down your drink of choice in the blink of an eye with our Blink wine chiller! A clever alternative to the classic ice bucket, this patented wine accessory that can fit any kind of bottle is an essential to fine dining. The Blink Wine Chiller features two integrated freezing packs that maintain the temperature of your wine for hours without condensation. From 1L bottles of white wine for pic-nics with friends to champagne bottles for bigger occasions, we got your need for chilled beverages covered with this sleek accessory. The auto-closure system ensures a wine that is chilled to perfection every time. Enjoy it to the last drop!

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    Color/finish: Titanium & chrome
    Dimension/capacity: 34 oz
    Packaging: Gift box