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Product code: 09914030
Color: Yellow
Material: Silicone
Dimension/capacity: 1 egg


  • <BR>Perfect round shape for english muffins and square shape for sandwiches<BR>

    Perfect round shape for english muffins and square shape for sandwiches
  • <BR>High heat resistant<BR>

    High heat resistant

Product Description

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Put the excitement back in eggs! Get cracking for weekend brunch with homemade egg muffin sandwiches or fry up some fun- shaped sunny-side-up delights using the Trudeau Reversible Egg Ring. This non-stick, heat resistant silicone tool reverses from square-shaped to round and pops out perfect eggs every time. Insider's hint: the round ones are perfectly proportioned to fit on English muffins and the square ones are spectacular in sandwiches! For the adventurous ones: why not whip up a frisee salad with bacon and crown it with the traditional fried egg garnish?


    Color/finish: Mango Yellow
    Dimension/capacity: 1 egg
    Packaging: Flag / CDU of 12