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Pair of Kitchen Gloves

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Product code: 09911024
Color: Red
Material: Silicone, Aramid fibers
Dimension/capacity: Medium/Large size
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  • <BR>Wrist and forearm protection<BR>

    Wrist and forearm protection
  • <BR>Heat and flame resistant aramid fibers<BR>

    Heat and flame resistant aramid fibers
  • <BR>Anti-slip silicone grip<BR>

    Anti-slip silicone grip

Product Description

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Stay Cool Kitchen Gloves are your best friends in high-heat situations. So get ready to cook hands-on, no matter how hot the plate is. Versatile and incredibly comfortable, you can use them for the BBQ or for the stove. Leave the burns and scratches to the rookies!

Made out of aramid fiber, the Stay Cool Kitchen Gloves protect your most important BBQ tool: your hands! Heat resistant up to 482 °F (250 °C), these essential gloves are long enough to keep you from flames and unwanted "chef injuries" top it all off, this nifty pair is available in two unique sizes, comes with a carefree five year warranty and boasts an anti-slip silicone grip. Get ready to bake your cake or to grill your chicken skewers without breaking a sweat!


    Color/finish: Red
    Dimension/capacity: Medium/Large size
    Packaging: Peggable sleeve