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Java Dw Cappuccino Mugs 8oz Bx/2

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Product code: 49045581
Color: Clear
Material: Borosilicate
Dimension/capacity: 8 oz


  • <BR>Ideal for hot and cold drinks

    Ideal for hot and cold drinks
  • <BR>Double wall helps maintain your drink's temperature (hot or cold)

    Double wall helps maintain your drink's temperature (hot or cold)
  • <BR>No condensation

    No condensation

Product Description

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Whether you're more of a dark or light roast type, a true coffee lover knows that the cup they drink their coffee from counts for a lot. This Java double wall glass is elegant, but it will also keep your beverage's temperature longer: hot drinks stay hot without burning fingers, and cold drinks stay cold without messy condensation. No need for a coaster! This glassware is made of mouth-blown borosilicate that is resistant to thermal shock. Same for the added handle. Don't be afraid to show off: delicious drinks are worth sparkling clear glassware!

IMPORTANT: To avoid damaging the interior wall of the glass, fill with liquid before adding ice cubes.


    Brand: Trudeau
    Color/finish: Transparent
    Diameter: 3 1/2''
    Dimension/capacity: 8 oz
    Height: 4 1/2''